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Amazing! Over the weekend top-prepared for the CFA® Level 1 examination and on Saturday evening a bit of relaxation or party on the beach with networking activities! 


We prepare you for the investment world! Our CFA® Level 1 Preparation Course optimally prepares you for the CFA® Level 1 exam and getting you one step closer to the gold-standard accreditation in the investment world! Together with our cooperation partner Value3 Advisory we will prepare you for a perfect performance on exam day, on an exciting Barcelona weekend.


Boot Camp Course Description


Participants are free to choose if they attend only the first day, or the two-day course.


1. Course Day (always Saturday)

The CFA Level 1 Preparation Course of Value3 Advisory aims to assist CFA Candidates in preparing for and passing the rigorous 6-hour CFA Level 1 exam. The following topics are presented on the first course day:

  • Quantitative Methods
  • Economics
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Finance & Fixed Income
  • Portfolio Management & Equity Investments
  • Derivatives & Alternative Investments

End of day 1, the group jointly selects two topic areas, which will be covered in detail on course day 2, focusing on case studies and exam questions.


2. Course Day (always Sunday)

Together with the trainer you will acquire relevant concepts, apply important formulas, and solve exam questions. Individual questions will be discussed, and the trainer will guide you in what is most relevant to pass the rigorous exam.

  • Intensive training with case studies
  • Detailed presentation of relevant methods and concepts
  • Solving of exam questions and review with the trainer
  • Guidance what is most relevant to pass the rigorous exam 


When the boot camps are held?

Our CFA® Level I training camp will take place in Barcelona every month. The camp is taking place in a small group of min. 4 participants to max. 15 participants.


Registration and Fees

Registration and participation fee is handled by There are exclusive per month 15 seminar places available. Lights next to the course fee the lamp to green, so are still places available.


Informations about Value3 Advisory, responsible for carrying out the camps, are available as a download under Product Data Sheet.


By the way, our Boot Camp is also available as a gift voucher. Clever gifts is the motto!


Settlement Gift Certificate

  • Select 1 or 2 day Boot Camp
  • Select any month, for example November
  • Settle the course fee on our shop and tap under the section "comments" the note <Gift Certificate>
  • We will contact you within 24 hours to create your personalized coupon



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