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Finally, my job Hunter on-demand! We turn the tables and offer you our B2B services as B2C performance.


Process flow

Once we receive your order we will contact with you within 24 hours to arrange contact to make an appointment for the telephone conversation. The interview serves to get to know us and take an actual situation. Together, we identify their next career step and qualify the geographical and occupational parameters. Following our LIONCAMPUS consultants do for you on the dream job search and get in touch with potential employers before we inform you with matching job offer. After consultation and agreement we make in front of the employer and accompany you through the entire recruitment process up to the completion of their new employment contract!


Detail overview

  • Detailed discussion and recording the initial position, with regard to geographical and occupational parameters and personal circumstances.
  • Creating the requirement profile and meeting of site-specific information and conditions.
  • Research and direct approach of potential employers.
  • Creating target lists taking into account the objective specified.
  • Preliminary telephone investigations.
  • Run employer calls to verify the personal, task and environment-specific suitability.
  • Creating the application file.
  • Presentation of your application file to potential employers.
  • Care and support through the entire recruiting process.
  • Support and renegotiating of work contract offers.
  • Assistance with relocation process.


Delivery time

We are experts, so we guarantee you within a month the delivery of at least three qualified job offers that are tailored to your profile. Afterwards we make you the employer - with whom we have discussed its main figures in advance - and accompany you through the entire recruiting process.


By the way, our service is also available as a gift voucher. Clever gifts is the motto!


Settlement Gift Certificate

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  • Settle the fee on our shop and tap under the section "comments" the note <Gift Certificate>
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