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On the following pages you will find the general terms and conditions for registering and orders under www.lioncampus.com. On this website we have a variety of services that we want to present you in the following.


As they apply to the relevant product details page at www.lioncampus.com listed items did not indicate any different from LIONCAMPUS contractor, is a LIONCAMPUS articles. The relevant terms and conditions can be found in this case, in the general part of these Terms in combination with part (B).

Legislators obliged especially online vendors to numerous references to the Treaty and applicable conditions. We have compiled these instructions and our other shipping terms for you below.


Part (A) - General Section


1. Scope; Deadlines

1.1 Business dealings and deliveries are made exclusively on the present Terms and Conditions that are all contracts due to the deals concluded at the Internet shop page www.lioncampus.com basis. The following provisions contrary to or deviating Terms are not applicable. The following terms and conditions shall also apply exclusively if we - and the respective partner or LIONCAMPUS Partner references - are aware of conflicting or by the following terms and conditions deviating conditions, delivery or performance without reservation.


1.2 Insofar as these conditions of "consumers" is mentioned, these are natural persons, where the purpose of the order can not be attributed to a commercial, independent or freelance activity. "Entrepreneur" on the other hand are natural or legal persons or partnerships with legal personality, the order for commercial, independent or freelance purposes. "Customers" within the meaning of these Terms and Conditions are both consumers and entrepreneurs.


1.3 If deadlines specified as working days, so are including all weekdays except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


2. Registration on www.LIONCAMPUS.com

2.1 When you enter your personal information required for registration you will be responsible for the truthful and complete specification. You are obligated to treat the personal access information confidential and at no unauthorized third parties. The confirmation of registration follows immediately after sending the application by clicking the button "Join up" or "Sign up".


2.2 With your access data you can log in LIONCAMPUS.


2.3 You are responsible for the content that you adjust this in accessible areas, solely responsible (eg blogs). This may not infringe the rights of third parties. An entitlement to storage or publishing your content posted, such as product reviews, do not exist.


2.4 You have to refrain from any interference with the Website, or further use of data accessible outside of each platform provided internally use. Tampering with the aim of obtaining unauthorized payments or other benefits to the detriment of us, one of the partners or other members LIONCAMPUS-can, in addition to legal consequences, in particular, also result in the loss of access. Membership entitles you to use the online service in the availability and alone to use the content for your own personal, non-commercial purposes.


2.5 Each customer is only entitled to a customer account to entertain simultaneously. We reserve the right to delete multiple registrations and members who violate 2.1 to 2.3 against these provisions referred to in point to warn, or to terminate or delete or edit content (Virtual house right).


2.6 We are not obligated to accept the registration or the appointment of a registered customer. We are not obligated to keep our offer permanently available. Confirmed orders remain unaffected.


3. Memory option and insight into treaty text

3.1 You can view our Terms of Sale each on the internet shop Page www.lioncampus.com under Conditions.


You can also print or save this document by using the customary function of your Internet services program (= browser: usually "File" -> "Save As") use. You can download this document in PDF format and archive by clicking here. To open the PDF file you need the free program Adobe Reader (under www.adobe.de) or similar programs that can handle the PDF format.


3.2 You can also additionally easily archive your order details by either downloading Conditions and save on the last page of the ordering process summarized in the internet shop data using the functionality in your browser or you wait for the automatic order confirmation, we can additionally by email send to the email address provided by you after completing your order. This order confirmation email again contains the data of your order and our terms and conditions and can easily be printed out or saved with your email client.


3.3 Your order data will be stored by us, but not directly for security reasons you please. We offer a password-protected direct access ("My Account") for each customer. Here you can view your data on completed, current and recently dispatched orders and your address data, any number of data and an eventual Newsletter manage and save with appropriate registration.


4. Language and Conclusion

4.1 Contracts concerning products, which are offered under www.lioncampus.com, can be close only in the German language. We do not offer products for sale to minors. If you are under 18 years, the participation of the parent or guardian is required.


4.2 "buy now" By clicking the button, you place a binding order of the items in your shopping cart. The confirmation of receipt of the order follows immediately after sending the order. All products are sold only in small quantities.


4.3 A binding contract is concluded with the submission of the order confirmation.


4.4 note that the delivery of the goods on payment (reservation) takes place only after crediting the full sum to our account. If your payment is not received despite being in arrears, even after a second notice served to a time of 7 calendar days after sending the order confirmation from us, we withdraw from the contract with the consequence that your order has lapsed and we shall take no obligation to deliver. The order is then done for you and for us with no other consequences. Therefore, a reservation of the article on payment in advance payments carried out for a maximum of 7 calendar days.


5. procurement risk; Elimination of the obligation to deliver; Extension of delivery times; Transfer of Risk

5.1 A procurement risk is not accepted by us, even with a purchase agreement for a Partner service. We are only obliged to deliver goods from our stock and we have ordered from our suppliers services.


5.2 The obligation on our part to supply does not apply if we ourselves are supplied correctly and on time despite not properly congruent hedging transaction and are not responsible for the lack of availability, we will inform you of this immediately and we have not assumed a procurement risk. In case of unavailability of the service, we will refund any advance immediately.


5.3 The delivery time shall be reasonably extended in the delivery debilitating circumstances caused by force majeure. Force majeure shall be equal to strikes, lockouts, official interventions, energy and raw material shortages, through no fault of transport bottlenecks, through no fault of operating disabilities, for example through fire, water and damage to machinery and any other obstructions, which have not been culpably caused by us from an objective viewpoint. The beginning and end of such obstacles, we will inform you immediately. Takes the impediment in the aforementioned cases over a period of more than 4 weeks after the originally applicable delivery times, you are entitled to cancel the contract. Further claims, especially for damages, do not exist.


5.4 For consumers, the risk of accidental loss and accidental deterioration of service on sale to the delivery of the service to the consumer or to a particular recipient from him proceeds.


6. Gift and Promotional Certificates

6.1 We offer basically to gift certificates. Gift certificates are vouchers that can be purchased. Special vouchers are vouchers, which they can not for purchase, but we spend through publicity campaigns with a certain validity.


6.2 Please note that different terms and conditions apply to Gift Vouchers and Special Application. Furthermore, gift and promotional codes are not redeemable for all services. Notes for the applicable terms and conditions and the convertibility of the vouchers can be found in the respective product description.


7. Applicable law; Jurisdiction

7.1 All legal transactions or other legal relations with us - and when ordering LIONCAMPUS Partner Articles Spanish law applies. The CISG (CISG) and any other international agreement, even after their transfer to the Spanish law, shall not apply. For contracts with an objective which can not be attributed to the professional or commercial activity of the claimant (contract with consumers), this choice of law applies only insofar as the protection provided by mandatory provisions of law of the country in which the consumer is habitually resident is has withdrawn.


8. Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions

We are entitled to these terms and conditions - provided they are introduced into the contractual relationship with the customer - to unilaterally change the extent necessary to remedy subsequently arising equivalence disorders or to adapt to changing legal or technical environment. We will inform the customer by communication of the content of the amended regulations relating to adaptation. The change is part of the contract if the customer after receipt of the notice of change to the inclusion in the contractual relationship opposite does not contradict within six weeks we in writing or text form.


9. Severability

Should individual provisions of the contract including these regulations be completely or partially invalid or should the contract have an unforeseen gap, the validity of the remaining provisions or parts of such provisions. Instead of the ineffective or missing regulations the respective legal regulations.


Part (B) - Appointment of LIONCAMPUS Services


1. contractors

When ordering LIONCAMPUS Services is your sole contractual partner LIONSCOUT SL, C / Capcir 38, 08304 Mataro in Spain. An explanation of when it comes to LIONSCOUT / LIONCAMPUS service, see the preamble to these Conditions.


2. Prices and shipping costs

2.1 The prices quoted in the offer at time of order. The stated prices are final, which means they include the applicable VAT and other price components.


2.2 The shipping costs, we take care of you.


3. Payment, delivery times, delivery partners

3.1 Basically, we offer the payment options in advance and credit card. We reserve the right on every order not to offer certain payment methods, and to refer to other types of numbers.


3.2 You agree that you will receive invoices and credit notes in electronic form.


3.3 In the case of purchase on the credit card debited when ordering.


3.4 Please note that we only accept payments from accounts within the European Union (EU). In no event will we assume the cost of a cash transaction.


4. Statutory Withdrawal

Because it is customized and personalized to the customer services provided with our services, there is no right of withdrawal on the purchase. The terms and conditions of the service provider's.


5. Retention of title

Until full payment, the service will remain our property.


6. Redeeming vouchers Action

6.1 Action vouchers (vouchers that can be purchased is not, but we spend through publicity campaigns with a certain validity) are only for the specified online shop, only during the specified period valid and redeemable only once in the course of the ordering process.

6.2 The value of goods must comply with at least the amount of the promotional code. For administrative reasons it is not possible to reimburse any residual balances.


6.3 Action Vouchers can only be redeemed prior to the conclusion of the ordering process. An allocation afterwards is not possible. The credit of a promotional code will be paid nor interest either in cash.


6.4 The promotional code can not be transferred to third parties. Several Promotional codes may not be combined.


6.5 is not sufficient the credit of a promotional code for ordering, the difference can be compensated for with the available payment options.


6.6 The promotional code will not be refunded, provided the action coupon issued as part of a promotion and no consideration has been provided for.


6.7 If you used a promotional code for your purchase, so we reserve the right to charge you the original price of the service that you reserve, if the total value of the order falls below the set value of the action voucher.


7. Redeeming Gift Certificates for LIONCAMPUS services under www.lioncampus.com

7.1 Gift cards (vouchers that can be purchased commercially) can be redeemed for the purchase of services under www.lioncampus.com LIONCAMPUS. However, they can not be used for the purchase of other gift cards.


7.2 The balance of the Gift Certificate will be paid either in cash, nor interest.


7.3 Gift Vouchers and credit can only be redeemed prior to the conclusion of the ordering process. Gift Vouchers and credit can not be honored retroactively.


7.4 A cancellation of the purchase of a gift card can be made by our customer service only if the gift certificate has not yet been redeemed. A gift certificate is considered redeemed when he was charged with ordering.


7.5 is not sufficient the balance a gift certificate for the purchase order, the difference can be compensated for with the available payment options. Promotional codes may not be used for the purchase of gift certificates.


7.6 When ordering more than one Gift Certificate may be used. Gift cards can be combined with a promotional code per order.


7.7 In order to your account to redeem gift certificates please contact our customer service.


7.8 In case of loss, theft or not by us indebted illegibility of gift cards, we accept no liability. Similarly, we assume no liability for typing errors in the e-mail address of the voucher recipient.


7.9 The gift certificate is transferable. The use of vouchers for commercial purposes is not permitted. The copying, editing or manipulation of the vouchers is also not permitted.


Your LIONSCOUT S.L. - C / CAPCIR 38-08304 Mataro - Spain

Managing Director: Cristian Núñez Herrero

Registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​B-66121013

VAT ID: ES B-66121013


Date: January 2016